C. James Fagan

The VALIS Project (Domestic Version)

C. James Fagan is a man of moustaches, mystery and many ideas. His work encapsulates the science geek in all of us and plays on universal themes like time and interconnectivity. He is one of those artists who spends painstaking hours, days, and weeks on a project but then purposely makes it look like he threw it together in about five minutes. He’s an idea man, a fabricator of youthful wonder… and he is a big hit in Poland.

Tell us about your work…

Well fundamentally, nearly two years I decided I was going to take an exploration of the unseen world and esoteric concepts. And to do that I formed the Artistic Research and Specialist Experimentation Organization (A.R.S.E.O.).


What is your obsession with time and space all about?

Stems from two factors, its part of understanding of the world. And the fact that I’m a nerd. I’ve always been interested in science fiction and it all came about from the possibilities held within them.

The what is the light project (video still with note)

What do you wish to express to your audience about the nature of art?

If there’s anything in the work its the idea that possibly there is more than you actually see and that’s how I feel about the world and that’s how you can interact with it. I want people to engage the work and then develop their own ideals and beliefs for it.

The Practical Time Travel Project

What has been your most engaging project to date?

All of my projects have a longevity or life in them, they keep on going on. A current project I’m working on is an on-going search into the life of Phillip K. Dick which also led into my Under The Influence [2009] project which records what happens when I take drugs. I have a lot of those on-going projects that keep me engaged. All we have is now. Another continuing project is Time Traveler [2009]. I think there is a time when these projects meet at a certain point… but I’m waiting…

The ARSEO Project Project

What are you waiting for?

The future… or the past. Of course the past is in the future, and then there’s the eternal present.

The Happiness Device Project [2009]

Whats in the future of C. James Fagan?

I’m helping curate an event in February 2010 at the A Foundation in Liverpool and I have an exhibition in Poland in May 2010 with Arsenal Art Gallery in Poznan, Poland.

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