Zach McCaffree

I’ve been meaning to feature Zach for a while; he seems to flood our Flickr group with the most consistent, beautiful pictures of female models and ghostly landscapes one could imagine. A film photographer currently living in Los Angeles by way of Honolulu, Seattle, and Spokane, I feel a little late to the game in featuring him as he’s been featured in dozens of places already… but what these other publications may have missed out on is the fact that Zach keeps getting better. You have to admire a photographer from afar for a while to do them justice, and I see in Zach someone who continually strives to get better at their art.

Going through his 69 pages of Flickr glory, you can see a slow but steady progression into more concrete, angular forms and obscurification (two of my very favourite things in fact). It is honestly rare for me to spend so much time trawling through photos and saying ‘ooo… that one! No no, that one!’ when deciding what to feature. But damnit if I didn’t have a good time. Also the big question in my mind right now is, where’s he getting so many fit models? The stories about LA must be true…