Falling Majesties – Have you seen the sun

Falling Majesties, a London trio come at you with walls of sound, hot-lick guitar riffs and redoubling midi drum patterns that practically throw the drum machine at you. I had the pleasure of attending their set last month at the George Tavern and have been meaning to write about them in a quality way ever since.

Falling Majesties Photo by Lucy Mills

Though I usually don’t like to write about bands who don’t have a record that you can go out and buy this instant, I’m expecting big things from these boys. It’s always good to see an experimental band that will not only knock you down and break some pint glasses with their sound, but who will dress for the occasion and add a little OMPF! to their performance. Shrieking guitars, booming bass thunder and lyrics that will stick in the crevices of your brain. BB Gunn, Thoman, and Viktronix aka Falling Majesties will weaken your legs.

Falling Majesties Photo by Lucy Mills

Also check out MANBORG, a two-man electronic DJ mash-up side-project split from the electrified diodes of the Falling Majesties.

Falling Majesties Photo by Lucy Mills

Falling Majesties on Mysapce: http://www.myspace.com/thefallingmajesties
MANBORG on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/manborgdj

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