Nowa Huta – Antlers

Photo credit Nowa Huta on Myspace

I’m really excited about this two-man self-proclaimed ‘dark dance’ duo. Melodic angular tribal electronic schmorgesborg of sound. I’ll admit, I don’t really see the dark side. More of an affirmation of life if you ask me, but whatever it may be, I can’t stop thinking about it. Jaunty crystalline ascension with hard-hitting moog-mods and skill-saw precision.

Photo credit Nowa Huta on Myspace

There is a lot to say about these three tracks up on their MySpace page, but I think it would be easiest to summarize their work with a quote from the technicians themselves; “Suspend rational thought – dissolve the need for words.” Amen.

Nowa Huta on Mysapce:

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