This month [^]LAND has teamed up with the beautiful creatures at the YOUNG & LOST CLUB to kick off a photography project entitled:


What to do: Take a shot of a ‘found object’ and send it on in to us. It can be of anything; a pair of beat-up shoes, an unstrung banjo, a wallet with teeth marks in it (you should probably turn that in to someone… but first take a snap of it).

The photo depicting the most obviously lost object will win a tight Y&L tote bag to keep all your precious objects safe in one place.

Submission: Send you photos to info@comeintoland.com with the title ‘LOST & FOUND’ or upload them to the LAND FLICKR POOL with the tag ‘LOST & FOUND’.

Deadline: Submit your photos by August 31st.

All photos will be featured right here on [^]LAND.

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