Steven Aron Williams


What are you up to these days?

Well at the minute I’m putting together the final touches to my new show which opens next week. I’ve still got a fuck load to do. Image wise it’s done, it’s just the writing which accompanies the work which I’m struggling with. Serves myself right for leaving everything to the last minute but I’m sure I’ll pull it off despite feeling like death warmed up. Am also working on Easter stuff for a big high street retailer… don’t ask, but it’s what funds the art.



Fashion or passion?

Well fashion comes and goes, it’s fun but fickle but I think it’s passion what makes the world goes round.



What gives you an itchy trigger finger?

Highlighting things people ignore or things people become blind to gives me the itchy trigger finger, as do the quirky things that can be found in the mundane.



Who do you do it for? Who’s your target audience?

Primarily I do it for myself, my own amusement and curiosity,
but I also do it for the people who go around with blinkers on, dashing from a to b wondering what they’re going to have for dinner or who is going to winner the fucking x factor. I want to make people look and think…



What does living in London got to do with it?

Living in London has everything to do with it, it’s where I live, it’s what presses my buttons, it’s the place which most ignites my creativity, and no matter where in the world I find myself, I find there is no other place like it, it’ll always be my home.


Who inspires you to work? Any friends you’d reccomend?

There are the big names who inspire me, the photographers, artists, designers ect… but to bang on about them would be a cliche. People who I’d recommend people look at include a couple of photographers, Joanna Paterson and Danny Baldwin as well and fashion designer Noorin Khamisani who designs the ethical label Outsider.



Anything happening in the next couple of weeks?

Like I mentioned earlier, my show opens next week, after that I have a few fashion shoots in the pipeline, one entitled “Bound In Black” and the other “Prince Charming” After that who knows?