Issue #2 Reflections


This wonderful zine turned up in our mail last week from the Manchester based artist collective OWT. This is the second issue of their monthly zine, each issue focussing on a separate theme.



This hand-screened poster popped out with the issue as an excellent extra.



The zine is comprised of work from the five main members of the collective; Sarah Stapleton, Ste Beed, Jon Hannan, Katrina Currie and Ben Kither as well as work from six other contributors.







Jon Hannan, OWT group member, described the group as “five recent graduates of Manchester School of art and design. The collective was formed as a way to keep on working together, as well as showcase our individual talents and abilities.

Once the idea of becoming this ‘design collective’ had been founded the idea of creating a zine that would show not only our work but work from other creatives from our little corner of England came about. That’s what the driving force behind OWT zine is, showing off arts talent from the Northwest and helping younger less established artists/designers get a bit of a name for themselves.”



OWT are looking for Northwest based creatives to contribute original artwork to their next issue; ‘Reality’. They are looking for fine art, graphic design, written submissions, photography or anything relating to the theme. A great aspect of this collective is the fact that discussions of the concepts and influences of each of the contributor’s work used in the zine are included on their website with the release of each issue.



Only 100 copies are printed. Grab one now.