Dope Mountain Fuck

Sports – Mind Has Changed


Crash Symbols is a cassette label that I and Jheri Evans of Get Off the Coast recently organized. We debuted the label obscenely early this morning with a mixtape of exclusives called Dope Mountain Fuck, that we think will probably set the right tone for things to come. Streaming above, you’ll find the excellent contribution from Sports – “Mind Has Changed” – but you can get the whole thing for free, via the link way way down below.


1. Bummer Sanders – Sunset Funset
2. School Knights – Never Needed
3. Closed Cassette – Alright
4. Wish – Take My Hand
5. D/R/U/G/S – Hathaways
6. Sports – Mind Has Changed
7. Fox Hands – Patella
8. The Fruhstucks – She Doesn’t Know
9. Gay Boiz – Mat
10. Kohwi – Hobbies (ft. Mutual Benefit)
11. Great Beer – After Effects
12. Monster Rally – Sun Bum
13. Pariah Carey – Cold Flowers (Pry Them)
14. Pregnant – Dog
15. Mellows – Of Age
16. Cop Magnet – Glossy
17. Foot Village – Energy Hunters (Unicorn Hard-On Mystic Materials Refuck)
18. Beggars in a New Land – A Cool Way To Jog
19. Hear Hums – Mokom Wolos

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