My Friend Project


My Friend Wallis is the absolute essential EP to melt the ice from between your ears and wake you up to the beauty that is all around you, even if it is covered by snow.

This December we are celebrating the warmth in Crystal Dorval’s magical music with a project to generate a little heat between you and a friend. Go grab someone you love (or hate?) and do a mini interview with them. 5 questions max and post it in the comments section below. Ask them anything!

A mini interview will be chosen at random and will recieve a free CD or digital download (outside of CA) of My Friend Wallis’ EP When the Blue Turned Yellow direct from the wintry tropics of Vancouver, Canada.

In the coming days our own Gabriel will be sifting through the streets of Vancouver, gathering and posting mini interviews with friends and fans that want to get their hands on the lovely EP.

Watch this great video to get you in the mood and post your mini interview here by December 31st!




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