Geotic – Disrobe and Come to Bed

Beyond staking a firm claim to the hearts and minds of nearly everyone of any consequence under his Baths sobriquet, Will Wiesenfeld has a “side-project” with an angelfire hosted website. I swear to God, it’s 100% angelfire. Its straight forward url almost makes the prospect seem attractive; you’ve got a host, a category, whatever “postfoetus” is intended to impart, and finally the name of the band. Shorten that down a bit and you’ve essentially got a bandcamp style sub-domain with the categories built into the page. According to Wiesenfeld, angelfire is the chosen host for his minimalist recordings as Geotic because of this conceptual purity. The page is entirely direct, gray and populated only with download links, tracklists, and two-sentence-or-less blurbs for each of his Geotic LPs. Compared to his “maximalist Baths” recordings, the

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