NINTENDISCO Mixtape : Level 1



Here’s a mixtape/audio flyer that I’ve put together for a brilliant new monthly clubnight in London. As the name suggests, Nintendisco is a celebration of retro gaming (projected onto massive screens), party tunes and alcohol! A simplistic and inspired idea, perfect for a London crowd right now. Last month I was invited by my friend Nicky Biscuit to come play a set along with Jasper Fulcher from Art Brut. The night was a success – got a little hectic – and now I’m the house DJ! So I thought it would be fun to put some sounds together to give away to promote the gig and add an extra dimension to the concept. The essence of Nintendisco reminded me of a teenagers bedroom in the mid-nineties – 16 bit graphics, G-funk records, a secret stash of booze, and low-rate porn hidden under the furniture! So I distilled these ingredients into party mix, peppered it with Streetfighter 2 quotes and original NES adverts, hit record and had a dance.

Check the facebook page. “SONIC… BOOOOOM!!”