Beko TR01 – A Tribute to Club Tropicana

Sad Souls – Weak Need
Endiamonds – Don’t Want You Near

I’ll begin this post by saying that I’m not strictly certain what the range of the term “tropicana” is. Honestly, I thought it was just the juice brand, and that “tropical club” music might be called… well, “club tropicalia” or something along those lines… maybe something in Spanish or Portugese. Who knows. Either way, we’re all fortunate enough to have a wonderful institution like France’s premier digital label BEKO DSL that thought it worth tributing. Their first “tribute” comes on the heels of several successful collaborative mixes with the likes of La Station Radar and AMDISCS, collecting an eclectic selection of Balearic beats and tropical dance tracks from new bands and others they’ve already done singles with or tapped for past compilations. I’ve singled out a couple of my favorite tracks, but it’s free to download here and well worth the effort.

If you have MarioKart or are willing to settle for any kind of 90s racing video game, this mix makes an exceptional soundtrack. Incidentally.

A Side
A1 Airport Angst – Never Forget the Golden Age
A2 yourfeetstoobig – Young Birch
A3 Welcome Back Sailors – Celebrating a Bright Mind
A4 Brusque Twins – Speaking (In Colour)
A5 The Bilinda Butchers – Stevie Nicks
A6 Endiamonds – Don’t Want You Near
A7 Models Can’t Fuck – Ghost Kid

B Side
B1 Bathcrones – South Palma
B2 Sad Souls – Weak Need
B3 Tillmanns – Naturliche Liebe
B4 Lanzarote – Sunset Beach
B5 Light Leak – Snow
B6 Radioseed – Cali Parks
B7 Young Minds – At Dusk