Fiordmoss – Miss Tate


Fiordmoss is a melodic twosome who are driving deep, sometimes dark, emotive sounds. There is a familiarity in they bring following in the massive (attack) footsteps of a robust genre but with a fresh twist of a desecrated ingenuity. I especially like their back story;

“After an accidental midnight fire that has burnt all his vinyls and also her guitar they found they want to work together to make a new history.

He uses his knowledge gained through the years of spinning LP’s and composing electronic music when home alone. She writes songs in a similar way she used to when she was in a band but she sings different stories. Together as Fiordmoss they blend it all together to come with a whole new sound.

It is all about making music about the music of the ocean and cold rough fjords covered in the sleepy softness of the moss.

Fiordmoss do not want to warm people with a song and if this happened to you, they are still on their way to the North.”

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