Persona La Ave – An Island

Here is our first full album release by the greatly gifted Persona La Ave, better know to his friends and acquaintances as Dylan Dawkins. Dawkins’ music is instinctively fresh with an heavily laid-upon primer for timing and organisation. Each song is immediately recognisable and his sampling is expertly produced (and scarily enough, almost effortless). The first time I ran across his work back in June, it kinda stuck in my mind as a key representation of this new generation of chilled musicians that seem to be cropping out of the woodwork here and there; America, Canada… a smattering around England and throughout Eastern Europe. These nonchalant, increasingly nubile musicians who, if they were standing where I am now, would see themselves as part of this greater conclave of musical history of whose ink is not yet dry.
It’s a big thing for me to be in close contact with a few of these marvels, and especially this super great dude.

You can download the entire album on our new bandcamp here.

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