Tonje Thilesen

Tonje Thilesen is a Norwegian photographer and music blogger that I know through her writing at No Fear of Pop, a Berlin based music blog that she contributes to frequently. After seeing some of her personal band photographs, I began exploring her other sets of nature and more conceptual photos. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself and this set of photos taken all across Norway, presented here for your perusal.

Where are you based? Do you support yourself with photography?
I’m based in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and I’ve been working with photography for about three years. At the moment I’m working both as a freelance and as a photographer in the biggest student newspaper in Norway, as well as working in a photography store at daytime (to make a living and all that crap), slowly saving up some money for studying in Berlin next year. I’ve also saved up some money for backpacking in Asia for three months, which I think will be a great possibility for improving my documentary photography skills a bit.

Where we these photos taken?
The photos I sent you is a collection of photos from different places. All of them are taken in Oslo except from the last one (on the beach), which was taken in a beautiful area up in northern Norway called Steigen, where I’ve spent many carefree summer days as a child. The forest/lake ones were taken by a lake located in the outskirts of Oslo, while ‘untitled 4’ and ‘untitled 5’ were taken in an abandoned apartment in Oslo.

Is this collection typical of your photography?
I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m not too sure what is “typical” for my photography, as I enjoy plenty of different styles. I have a strong love of nature, which probably leads to the fact that my biggest dream is being able to live as a (traveling) documentary photographer/photojournalist. I’m a restless soul continuously longing for new experiences

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