Pompeya – "Power"

These guys are big in Moscow. Yet unsigned, Pompeya have a loyal following and seem to be finally branching out into international waters. Formed in 2007, their formulaic synth-pop is quite a dynamic expression of a bubbling-over of youth culture emanating from the heart of the former Kremlin.

These boys’ musical and visual pugnacity seem to spell great things for not only themselves, but also for their creative Russian companions. With a plethora of videos that portray the Moscow of their parent’s youth (Power) and of their own (Cheenese), they are purposefully altering a tradition of negative / neutral Western perception that has dogged our generation since the Cold War era. About this, Pompeya remarked “We pay great attention to the visual identity of our music. Through our videos and imagery we passionately express our roots in Moscow, capturing the rare reality/cultural phenomenon in which we grew up, and now live, practice art, and make our music.

This video is a montage of clips stitched together from a personal video collection that was dug up in the attic. The material dates back to 1987 and portrays the story of our parents

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