Dreamgoatz – Planet of the Dinosaurs EP

Dreamgoatz – Suck-Suckin’ da Spleen Ween (This Is A Devil’s Song)

Dreamgoatz characterize themselves as “junkpop,” a term they define as “a burbling, undulating mass of music and samples under pop melodies.” In junkpop, they’ve crafted a collage of hip-hop, 90s rock, and electronic pop and used it as a backdrop for their own compositions – the last of the three genres being the only one with any consistent meaning throughout their fifth release, Planet of the Dinosaurs. As an album from a band of childhood friends, apparently supported largely by a rotating cast of more childhood friends, it’s an incredibly cathartic listen, particularly when you imagine an entire generation capping off a lifetime of cultural stimulus by synthesizing their own homespun junkyard clone-baby.

Grab it for free over yonder.

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