Jorge Cruz


Jorge Cruz; music critic, illustrator, intimate photographer. An artist with secrets hidden in plain sight, Jorge invites exploration of his persona on multiple levels. Yet although his personal life seems to be exposed through his photographic series and illustrative pieces, there remains a distance between the viewer and viewed, artist and audience. A distance that is elusive and covetous. And I think that’s why I think I like him so much.




Jorge, tell us about your childhood.

I remember when I was like in kindergarden having strong sexual attractions to guys in biking shorts but at the same time I was also like weird. I was really weird, dark and moody as a kid. It’s like I started life with a teenage temperament. Sometimes I feel like this is a sign that I’m meant to die young. Sometimes I feel like maybe I just think too much.




What’s your definition of a diva?

When I think of a diva I think of 3 things: A ‘woman’ who is culturally gay. One of those ‘women’ who applies this term to herself to excuse her rude, mean and childish behavior (definitely not a diva). Sasha Fierce/most drag queens.




Cross-dressing in cartoons. Thoughts?

I watched this documentary called Pageant twice and it was documenting these drag performers as they went through the ringer of Ms. Gay America. But besides it just being about these performers going through Ms. Gay America, I feel like I learned that these people are most of the time just living out their need to be a star to get attention to have a slice of a thing called fame! Originally I used to think: if they aren’t transexuals why do most queens I know like to be dressed up in their persona most of the time? I guess, why not? Wouldn’t we all like to feel like a celebrity all the time? I think alllllll of what I just said never translates through the screen. Most of the time it’s pretty misogynistic and lazy writing– I mean gay jokes are so 1958.




Expulsion of your own feelings through the subjects in your photography. Any relevance there?

You know, probably. But also my fears and nightmares.




What is happiness for Jorge Cruz?

I’m pretty happy now. I love my life, love my body, love my thighs and legs. I love the people in it, just wish I had more security but all in time.




Comment est mon accent français?

Je voudrais flaner avec toi….




If I could transport you magically to any place in the universe, where would you go?

I think the Salem Witch Trials. But I would definitely need to bring me some protection or something because I know I would end up being tossed off a cliff if I didn’t.



Recommend us a music video!



What’s the next step(s) for you, and what shoes will you be wearing? Please don’t say open-toed sandals.

You know I have not shot a lot of film lately because I was burning myself out but I have been painting a lot of self portraits. I’m also still posting stuff on le blog, writing for URB, coming out with new music projects and trying to declutter as much of life as possible — all while wearing thigh high red leather kinky boots.



Google ‘mon amie jorge’ and you get this;

But that’s where you’ll find him.