Pressed And/It is Rain in my Face.

Pressed And – Pat Pat
It is Rain in my Face. – Eyes Open

Pressed And/It is Rain in my Face. - Post-Ad for Sync


Last month we announced [^]LAND’s new digital imprint with the release of Persona La Ave’s An Island. Today, we’re proud to follow it up with a split concept EP from Pressed And and It is Rain in my Face., two bands that I’d previously collaborated with on Crash Symbols’ last mixtape Dope Valley Fuck. Thanks to Andrew Hamlet of Pressed And, what began as a proposal for a digital single expanded to include a collaborator’s solo project, and the two contributions were eventually fused into a single 23-minute concept EP meticulously composed and sequenced into Post-Ad for Sync, a cathartic call to repose and buoyant introspection.

Post-Ad For Sync takes the listener on a psychic journey through the inner regions of his own mind. Sounds undulate softly from a bubbling cauldron of tenderness and subdued passion, transforming sporadically into an overwhelming frenzy of mixed emotions. Memories are obstacles, and an unknown future looms. Nostalgia, sadness, and confusion coalesce into a meditative celebration of the transience of life

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