I, Cactus

This is Kathy Tran, located in the heart of Texas, bringing you random music that I’ve LANDed upon this weekend. If you have any means to visit Austin right now, do it, because it’s great. Plus free drinks everywhere! Yesterday we found ourselves jamming out to I, Cactus at Cheer Up Charlies. What/who is I, Cactus?

According to reliable sources, “I, Cactus was born with a rare disorder which causes colors to be seen specific to keys and tones in the musical scale. The work of I, Cactus is the result of experimentation in expanding the field of 8bit aesthetics. I, Cactus is getting caught up on all that was missed during childhood, and has only recently discovered computers and console entertainment systems. I, Cactus is over 79 years old.

He also dresses like a super hero/criminal combined and remixes rap artists to say weird things like “reeses pieces,” over and over again. Rambunctious, melodious, lo fi electronic music lined the walls with greatness. I like to see people bring their desktop computers to play live shows, because you know they went to some trouble and risk to bring their music to you. Am I right? I, Cactus sounded really similar to Khonnor, because I, Cactus is in fact, Khonnor. If you don’t know about Khonner, you don’t know what you’re missing. He’s incredibly young and talented in the art of lo-fi electronics. You can download the entire I, Cactus album here. High Five to artists who distribute their music via creative commons non commercial attribution!

Stay tuned to my SXSW adventures…