Snow Caps

Snow Caps – Beauty and the Beauty

I hate bad days. Though inevitable, everyone needs a way in which to immediately immerse themselves in something ‘other’. Bring on Snow Caps. Exuberant, melodious, adventurous and full of the present. Snow Caps is like looking out from the window of someone’s flat who you just happened to meet through a mutual friend. As the sun shines in through the drapes, you smell something musty and familiar. They pull out a Peruvian churango from beneath some covers and begin playing. Your toes start wriggling in your shoes, your fingers fidget and caress something knotty and wooden and you forget you hardly know this person.

Snow Caps is Andrew Keller, a musician on the Philadelphia label ‘Edible Onion’. Andrew’s lyrical personality is somehow very very familiar. There certainly is something in it all.

Moonbreak is Snow Caps second semi-instrumental album.

Snow Caps on Edible Onion