GOBBLE GOBBLE – Boring Horror 12"

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Boring Horror

As the boys from GOBBLE GOBBLE drive ever onward on the latest whirlwind tour to draw them out of Edmonton, inexorably toward SXSW, we can celebrate their European debut from deBonton. For a set of songs that has debuted almost exclusively on mixtapes or compilations (I released “Seizure to the Metronome” last year on The Queen’s Jew), I can hardly imagine a better trajectory than ultimately being united on a 12″ EP, being backed up by a pair of imported remixes. All of these songs are freely available online, but brought together on vinyl they’re a testament to the consistency of GOBBLE GOBBLE: every single track was widely publicized at the time of its release, not that that’s a real measure of success. I’ve said so much about GOBBLE GOBBLE already that I tend to back away from commenting on the music, because all of it remains in effect. They’re still making some of the most imaginative, energetic, and catchy poptronica on planet and all that’s changed is the size of their audience.

Grab the single here for 8,00

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