Issue 1 is now out! Nine articles that range on topics from Edison and the origin of DJin’ to a photographic adventure in the great San Fran outdoors. Ten photographers, four interviews, two features, poetry and a whole lot of pretty shapes.

Compiling this magazine was an adventure. A stop-start project that kept me up at night, made me tug at my hair and start whistling absent-mindedly while walking down the street. It was truly a labour of love, and a new step in the right direction for all of us working at this great big thing. Everyone who has come together on this issue has been intensely beautiful and a constant source of inspiration. I hope this may be for you (the reader) as well, that is, until you finish reading it and either keep it on stack of mags in the bathroom or tuck it nicely on a display shelf. I think we’re all okay with whatever you decide.

Preview and buy ISSUE 1 now on Magcloud, a wonderful print-to-order service from HP. No more excess printed issues clogging up a warehouse having destroyed so many trees for nothing. Worldwide shipping takes 2 weeks (but really its more like 1 week). Oh yes, and the digital issue is free for all! Download it on your PC or get the Magcloud app and view the issue on your iPad.

Many thanks goes out to all our contributors; George Bennett, Chrissie Abbott, Nadia Dahlawi, Liz Toler, Michael McGregor, Sam Farzin, Jess Wheaton, Julian Brown, Tania Schwartz Brondo, Dwight Pavlovic, David Salinas, Amia Senante, Anas Kras, Bertha Pfirsich, Cortney Cassidy, Mitsuko Nagone, Dan Zev, Michael Heck, L

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