Marija Mandic

Marija, August 2009

Marija Mandic has been taking photographs since she was 16 years old, and though she calls her early efforts “frivolous” I tend to think her new photos simply represent a shift in priority. Much as she shifted from a digital camera to working with film, her visual aesthetic will have shifted over time and the way that she documents the “people that surround [her]” will have with it. These beautiful portraits, self-curated for this feature by Marija, represent only one part of her work, but that she chose only portraits of people suggests that that is where her current interest lies.

Check out more of her photos on her flickr page.

Ibis, June 2010

Laza and I, August 2010

Lidia, Marija and me in Zrenjanin, February 2011

Laza and my cat, March 2011

My mother in our kitchen, March 2011