“Established in 1998, The Lucifer Youth Foundation is a non-for-profit organization anchored to the concrete truths of unconditioned youth. The LYF encompases a selection of disciplines including petty crime, détourned design, dolla talk, busting heads, cutting film, scripting-ill literature and playing heavy (pop).

The LYF initially existed as 4 kids calling out heavy WU longings for a place to call home, but now exists as a fluxus body of some 500 like mind kid believers. Together our voices grow bold; grow to question what we been told, Callin’ for the true note.

The early rays of summas bliss 2010 saw the LYF restructure into a legitimate enterprise, the initial hoodlum core offering open membership. Joining the LYF has a cash flow value, but you don’t need to buy our $hit to be LYF. LYF is a dance to yr own big beat drum, LYF is broken voices calling have some fun.

In return for your hard earnt currency (£15/$20/17E) we deliver a super heavy weight cut of Heavy Pop/Concrete Gold, a bandit flag of allegiance, a inked out statement of intent, discounted admission to all ‘PLAY HEAVY POP’ shows world wide and open armed involvement and a democratic input with all L Y F activity.

The dolla raised through the L Y F membership scheme goes to enable the baby boys of WU LYF total creative self-sufficiency, an independence free from the shackles of monetary driven interests, free from the lonesome kids game. The Lucifer Youth Foundation aims to satisfy all LYF at the lowest cost yet with the highest possible sense of wide-eyed excitement and apocalyptic adventure.”


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