The Manchester based OWT creative collective keeps pumping these out and they just keep getting better. ISSUE #4 DIRECTION is a wandering preamble through a cross-hatched maze of cutting typography and genealogical double exposures. This issue also marks the inception of some rather crafty personal touches that, when discovered, elicit more than a little bit of glee in the beholder.









ISSUE #5 ATMOSPHERE is readily light and airy… but also bogged down with the darkest of melancholic inky clouds (which in their own way can easily exceed the beautiful of the more iridescence pages). The biggest joy for this issue is in the continuation of the personal, hand-crafted touches such precisely stapled plastic overlays that are in themselves both part of the design and something wholly other. The amount of ink in this issue is incredible and adds to the weighty (and non-photogenic nature) of it. But this issue breathes life and I am (as always) eagerly anticipating ISSUE #6.











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