March 2011

Kristie Muller




Cari Ann Wayman




Alyssa Noches




Michael j Demeo




Viktoria A. Lisbet




Carl W. Heindl /




Megan McIsaac




Olya Ivanova




Lina Scheynius




Bryan Sheffield




Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova




Aaron Feaver




Stefanía Falla Guiulfo




Lena Kholkina




Petra Collins




Sanaa Hamid




Purdey DeMille




Gustavo Cisneros




Saga Sigurdardottir




Cuauhtémoc Suárez



The March 2011 ‘Pictures Of the Month’ are curated by Michael J DeMeo; a photographer living and working in Portland, Oregon USA. From 2007-2009 he worked as photo curator at Sugar Gallery. He now runs No Thoughts Photo Magazine which is a small print run photo magazine that is dedicated to showcasing new and emerging photo talent from around the world, a mix of autobiographical, fashion, and art photography. No Thoughts has released 5 issues thus far, number 6 is scheduled to print in May, the theme is sexuality. DeMeo is also currently working on a photo-book of his own, due to be released in September. The book is a documentary style look into the life of convicted felon, drug addict, and homeless graffitti writer from the BTM crew named Rue.


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