Cory Levinson’s T.E.D.

Our friend Cory Levinson of Kohwi has been keeping us posted for a little while now on the trajectory of a recent invention of his. It’s an exciting new bit of technology that he’s taken to calling “ted” (lowercase to distinguish from the lecture series), short for Tangible Electrophonic Drumstick, and it’s slated to accompany him on tour later this year. It was made as part of his coursework at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast and comes with the dry academic paper to prove it. I won’t dwell at too much length on the particulars as the video goes into plenty of depth, but if your curiosity is aroused, you’ll be able to catch him with it on his whirlwind tour of Europe:

April 19 // Paris, Fr // Chez Justine
April 22 // Ljubljana, SI // Green Rabbit’s
April 24 // Chemnitz, DE // Beta-Bar
April 26 // Berlin, DE // Campfire Session @ Madame Claude
April 27 // Erfurt, DE // Woodstock
April 30 // Milton Keynes, UK // The Watershed Mk
May 3 // Brighton, UK // The Green Door Store
May 4 // London, UK // Old Blue Last

Kohwi’s also got his latest album Hidden Trees coming out on vinyl this summer from Black Tent Press. Preorder it here.

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