Kris Keogh – Processed Harp Works, Vol 1

Kris Keogh – You sat, looking out, but couldn’t begin to explain
Kris Keogh – Above Paris, with stars in our eyes

The latest offering from New Weird Australia, a digital imprint and ” free compilation series of new, eclectic and experimental Australian music,” is an eleven track pairing of multimedia artist and musician Kris Keogh with a harp, borrowed from the Darwin Symphony Orchestra‘s storage cellar. The tracks range from deliberate delicacy to occasions of more blown out drone.  Though it’s every bit as meditative as you might imagine an ambient composer’s approach to harp music would be, every moment is compelling. Keogh’s sampling gives every moment of disconnectedness a heavy emotional charge, with each periodic interjection of harp tones punctuating a complex and sympathetic textural layer.

You can download Kris Keogh’s Processed Harp Works, Volume 1 for free at New Weird Australia’s bandcamp, alongside all of their past releases.