Geotic – Bless the Self

Geotic – “Isolated Mind”
Geotic – “Illusory Body”

Will Wiesenfeld functions most of the time as Baths, the L.A. beatmaker whose crackling, bright production and vulnerable voice help put him on his own level – regardless of the countless producers who figure they’re pulling off the same thing. If his work as Baths didn’t impress his fan base enough, he also has another name he likes to go by: Geotic. Where Baths chooses sometimes to be sharp and piercing, Geotic is soft and supportive. This EP, Bless The Self, was made on the road while touring with Braids and said that it should be heard with gapless playback between tracks. I second that suggestion, and add that you should listen to it some time between two and three in the morning. Side-chain heaven.

Geotic – Bless The Self

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