Caitlin Shearer

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Caitlin Shearer, 21, is an artist based in The Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, where she can hear and glimpse the ocean waves while she works on her lovely watercolor paintings. Usually filled with imaginary, ethereal females in gauzy clothing, her pieces convey a sense of intimacy and also seem to hold some kind of wonderful secret — one that the characters might tell you, if you just keep looking long enough.

Fueled by lots of green tea, Caitlin is currently working on portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly for a themed boutique opening in Mississippi later this year, as well as finishing up some (fairly secret) textile designs for an up-and-coming New Zealand fashion designer.

Be sure to look for a full-length interview with Caitlin, plus more images of her beautiful work, coming out in the second print issue of [^]LAND!



The Smoking Room



Winona Forever!



Door No. 13

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