moon – Throwaways

moon – Bi-Polar Bears
moon – Oneforponyo

Perhaps when J Dilla passed, his soul broke and shattered into a trillion pieces. Each shard was picked up by a different person wanting nothing more than to sit at home on his/her laptop or MPC and make jittered, soulful productions all day long. One of those pieces was picked up by the [apparently] New York beatsmith moon (intentional lowercase, though you should certainly take him serious). moon has been dropping little digital nuggets across the Internet for years now, and I fortunately came across this Megaupload link for Throwaways just in time. The original site’s summary line was something like, “throwaways – shitty fuck” etc. Which I knew would translate into most music lovers’ language as simply: gems. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Download: moon – Throwaways

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