Eleni Kalorkoti

Russian Flowers

Based in Edinburgh, artist Eleni Kalorkoti creates mysterious illustrations and prints with refined color palettes and linear, often intersecting patterns. Her intriguing pieces feature shifty-eyed characters and sneaky animals in various settings. I was fortunate enough to learn a bit more about her process via email.

What things inspire you?

It’s probably easiest to describe the things that inspired a specific project.  For Tomboy, I was inspired by the FSA (Farm Security Administration) photographers (Jack Delano and John Vachon in particular). They took pictures of depression-era America and I think a few of their pictures of sullen girls in empty fields must have stuck in my head. Plays by Tennessee Williams and Eugene O’Neill are tangled up in there somewhere, too (honest).  70s L.A. neo-noirs.  Russian stuff.  Tigers.

Tiger House

What new projects are you currently working on / have you just completed?

I haven’t been in the screenprinting studio for far too long, so I am just starting to think up new prints and cards to make.  I’d like to make zines more regularly too; it’s very satisfying to spend time drawing things you love and get a nice, wee book out of it at the end.

Cover of Tomboy, Eleni’s latest zine, which you can purchase here.

Excerpt from Tomboy

Excerpt from Tomboy

Have you been into any new music lately?

Only new old music – I’ve been re-listening to Mark Lamarr’s now defunct God’s Jukebox radio show.  Whatever he chooses to play is always way better than anything I could have thought of.

Poster for Advice to Sink in Slowly

What is your preferred medium and why?

I mostly either screenprint my work, or hand-draw it and then digitally colour it.  I like to work with a minimal palette, and screenprinting (or digitally colouring like a screenprinter) is great for making you pare things down to the necessities.  The pencil-drawn stuff in Tomboy was a bit of a departure for me that was supposed to make me draw fast (it didn’t, but I forgive it).

Skulking Fox

Irma Vep

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