Caleb R. Weir – “Empty Sky”

Caleb R. Weir – Empty Sky

Caleb Weir makes ambient, experimental indie music from his bedroom in Florida. I demand all creatures to climb into their cars or hop onto their bikes and listen to this music. (However, please stay cautious of traffic activity while doing so) His music changes, it grows, it evolves and then stirs back. I seriously suggest moving through space while listening to his songs. His music is dedicated to, “the unnecessary hardship of the innocent in this indiscriminate world,” and to his “family, the advancement of music and science, but most importantly: the desire of all living things to grow and learn in our universe.” Curing cancer is difficult, but it only takes minutes to lend an ear to Caleb’s cause. For science! To check out more of his music, visit his bandcamp.

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