June 2011

LAND MAGAZINE June 2011 Pictures Of the Month

Sofia Torres

Thomas Albdorf

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Sebastian Reiser

Clemens Fantur

Stefan Fuertbauer

Kevin Tadge

Anaid Namohl

Phillip Kalantzis Cope

Hudson Gardner

Olivier Duport

Christian Flatscher

Ibán Ramón

Carl Platon

Stephanie Gonot

Julien Dernier

Chris K.

Lucca Meichl

The June 2011 ‘Pictures Of the Month’ are curated by Michael Dietrich; born 1985 and currently living in Vienna, Austria. About his work, he says;

I try to reflect different atmospheres within spaces on the edges of cities, on the streets and in nature. Particularly i´am interested to choose places that are without human being to shoot the silence.
The art of documentation always reminds me how things are and how we´ve created them. It´s kind of a adventure to search for spots where people have passed, the spaces then take the life of their own.
Since i was working as a lens manufacturer in the past, i got used too capture moments around me. Especial, i focus on the combination between light, modern architecture, nature & landscapes.

Curating “The pictures of the month” for [^]Land was a good experience for me and my upcoming work. It took me days, to search through huge networks, magazines & blogs. i viewed a lot of hot stuff and was stunned how all the artists keep doing.


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