Sutja Gutiérrez

Sutja Gutiérrez – Borderline (Hell, Im The)

Sutja is a self proclaimed bedroom superstar. Unabashed in his self-loving, Sutja doesn’t ever miss an opportunity to promote himself, and funnily enough, one doesn’t mind. His infectious far away drone mixed with melancholic guitars have caught on all over Europe: gracing the catwalk, music videos, commercials and even initiating a Sutja fanclub. His latest album ‘White Ponycorn In My Room’ very discreetly encapsulates the sexually frustrated, culturally flamboyant early 20-somethings who spend most of their time in their bedrooms taking pictures of themselves (hell, every facet of society needs their bastion to rally behind). I’ve been following this man for quite a while now and will continue.

Sutja on Bandcamp

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