Contempt of Life

For more than a year now I’ve been in love with Garret Harkawik‘s incredible recordings as Antn Hrkwk, which he’s unleashed upon the world in the form of a free album from Recycling Records and a 12″ LP from California’s Life Blood Records. More recently, I and the world at large have been treated to the ongoing revelation of his short film series Contempt of Life, a six-installment portrayal of a near future where euthanasia is legalized as a right and regulated by the arguing of claims of worthlessness in court – at less than ten minutes an episode the novelty doesn’t wear thin and Harkawik’s writing remains clever throughout. It’s a bizarre and ambiguous universe, with euthanasia remaining more a source of ludicrousness for the character’s interactions than serious debate. Thanks to Harkawik and some gratuitous robots, Contempt of Life kills.

Check out the rest of the series here.