August 2011

tatjana šuškic




Yashar Mansoori




Claire Massey




Daniel Grant




Romke Hoogwaerts




ayla roberge




Nick Leonard




Nastya Divo




André Fromont




Jani Turunen




Cory Verellen




Li Chi Tak




Rytis Smailys




Dany Peschl








James Tebbutt



The August 2011 ‘Pictures Of the Month’ are curated by Živile Geina; a photographer based in France. About her curation, she says;

i am interested in all the visual stories.
photography, collages, sculpture, design..
but my inspiration can come from the sounds and smells,
from the heartbeats of my lover sleeping next to me.
dont ask me when i started photography, because i dont know
its all the time with me that need of observing
and satisfaction of capturing the moments.
anyway i think best photos i make when i sleep.
i cant transform these pictures from my dreams to jpg or whatever and share with you. maybe one day.
but for today its the best personal experience i can have.
stay curious – thats what i want to do.



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