OWT #8 ‘LOVE’ & ‘HATE’


This month the OWT Creative surprised me with a double issue entitled ‘LOVE & HATE’ from their industrious laboratories in Manchester. Little bit of caution, don’t open this issue at your place of work while calling attention to the fact that you were just sent a package, kinda like I did. Rather, go hide it under your jacket and open it in the bathroom of a train like some kind of pomade-smelling pervert. It’s definitely more fun that way.







This issue’s theme revolves around multiple permutations of the age old ‘fire and ice’, duel elemental dichotomy of everything that makes life what it is. As always, the work inside is creative and diverse, and the zine itself is packaged and displayed in such a way as to make it a collector’s item in its own right (never mind the scarcity of copies produced). Although, doing a bit of research on this issue, I can’t help but feel they made a special version just for me. The issue on their website doesn’t exactly correlate with the one I was gifted… Where is the penetration that greeted me so warmly upon my unpackaging (of which you can view fully here)? I don’t like mysteries, so when you buy a copy (if there are any left), let me know in the comments what cover version you received.









If you don’t know much about the OWT, then I’d recommend you find out more by exploring their website.

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