September 2011

Ross Mcross




Jim Hart




Sandro Oertelt




Brad Gillette




Llorenç Rosanes




Alexis Gerard




Sina Rahmani




Panayotis Ioannidis




Apostolos Maikidis




Michael Dietrich




Paul Mcgeiver




Carl W. Heindl




Géraldine van Wessem




Karl Hurst




Jan Zimmerman



The September 2011 ‘Pictures Of the Month’ are curated by Phillip Kalantzis Cope. Phillip Kalantzis Cope was born in Athens, Greece. Currently based in New York City, he is a photographer and PhD candidate in the Department of Politics of the New School for Social Research. About his curation, Phillip says;

For this months collection I wanted to bring together a number of photographers around what I call ‘Everyday Abstractions.’ There are two dimensions to ‘Everyday Abstractions’. The first being the immaterial ‘abstractions’ that produce the ‘everyday’ material world – knowledge represented in buildings, roads and social life. The second is the visual practice of image making that captures abstract patterns in the material world we have created – reconstituting an immaterial out of the material. We as photographers live in the middle space, between these immaterial abstractions, and the material abstractions. If there is a power to what we do its is sourced to extracting beauty out of this relationship. Here, I am pleased to bring together a group of photographers who capture this relationship, and the everyday beauty in the ecologies of immaterial and material abstract production.



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