The Ravenscroft Desk

My wife and I just moved to Oakland, California, where we live happier than we ever expected we could in an efficiency apartment. Notwithstanding that, Leonhard Pfeifer‘s recently unveiled Ravenscroft desk has me foaming at the mouth imagining how many different places that it could actually fit in our place. It would certainly look captivating as the centerpiece of a minimalist inspired office scene, but it’s really most valuable for the pragmatic elements of its design – this compact piece would fit in any apartment and look striking whether it was tucked into a window nook, against the nearest wall or at the end of a book-lined office (if you’re not using yours, we’ll take it).


Unveiled earlier this month at furnishings trade show, Maison & Objet, the Ravenscroft is available – for undisclosed numbers of bags of cash – at Woodman.



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