Art Outside Recap

Hello LAND. I have been on an amazing journey and I have come back. This journey was called Art Outside. It was decked with amazing people, stellar installations, mind bending art, and delicious music. I have been blessed with this experience and I am grateful to share it with you. It seems I promised a review of this event for ages now and oddly, ages seem to go by ever so quickly. Here’s a round up of my top 5 acts of the festival!

Total Unicorn:

Ghettotech. Psychedelic.  Visual. Imagine that you are watching a small cartoon while reading a story projected on a wide screen with dancing horse heads bobbing in front of it. Also psychedelic projections keep trying to wrap you into its sparkly arms. Are you having difficulties? I was too at first, but then I realized that I wasn’t imagining it.

The Burned:

Man Running
As I was researching this band I discovered that they played music for a Gossip Girl episode and that ABC loves The Burned’s music. (source: official bandcamp). It made me reconsider adding them to my recap, but then I remembered the bass. Oh the bass and the drums and the psychedelic rock that hypnotizes hippies and lovers alike!

Nico Luminous:

John Lennon Image – Remix
This was the last set I was able to catch on Saturday. 3 am, sweat, blood, and tears, I was ready to go home. I am incredibly glad I stayed for Nico Luminous. He sernaded the whole forest with his 8-bit-melodious-dub-down-tempo music. It is so rare to witness DJs doing live production. He flawlessly managed the stage and equipment, while even throwing in some fine beatboxing. Also, I think there were a couple girls with fire dancing around him. Photo credit: ©MichelleMagdalena

Darren Minke:

At the beginning of the festival I was able to stalk into the art gallery tent. Darren Minke’s work stood out among the others and looked out at me. Vibrant colors, flirty shapes and kaleidoscope-ish patterns begged for my undivided attention. Darren Minke is a digital artist from Austin, Texas and definitely has some rad art worth treating your eyes to.

Residual Kid

When I was 12, I spent most of my free time watching a lot of Spiderman and Sailor Moon. Residual Kid is made up of Ben Redman (12), Max Redman (11), Deven Ivy (13), and Grace London (11) from Austin, Texas. I don’t regret watching Spiderman and Sailor Moon, but I do envy these kids. They totally rock! My mind can’t even comprehend how, why, or what it would be like to be so young, talented, and… groovy? I am a big fan of Jack Black and whenever I watch The School of Rock I get this warm feeling in the side of my heart. I felt that same fuzzy feeling watching Residual Kid. Here’s a video of them:

Photo was taken from their website.