January 2012

Rebecca Williams

Makoto Lunasea

Cari Ann Wayman

Tamara Lichtenstein

Jagoda B.


Karla Read

Jenny Harmsen


Amanda De Vito


Lena Kholkina

Robin Mellway

Christina Abdeeva

Noele Lusano

Sasha Nikitin

Lauren Treece

Cole Rise

Alison Scarpulla


The January 2012 ‘Pictures Of the Month’ are curated by Brittanie Pendleton. Brittanie is a self taught artist, who works mostly in photography and illustration, but is also an avid writer of free-verse poetry while dabbling in other mediums in attempt to create what she sees in her mind.

About her work she says;

“My photos ground me and my art in reality, finding meaning where it is missed, or creating one. I like to take photographs of things that people don’t often notice or appreciate fully, the “beauty in the mundane.” I photograph a variety of subjects, most notably landscapes and the scenes from a girl’s life in the South. Many of these scenes are self portraits. Nature and dilapidation also inspire me. When I’m not making art, I am usually blogging, surfing the net, cooking, or hanging out with my boyfriend and our cat and pup.”


If you would like to curate next month’s Pictures Of the Month, visit our Flickr page and comment in this thread!

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