Racheal Anilyse

Approximately one year ago I interviewed a very wonderful illustrator named Racheal Anilyse. You can read the interview here.  Racheal passed away last November due to a rare skin disease. Racheal and I conversed a few times through flickr and never did she mention her struggles with this condition. She was helpful and inspirational to me at a time I was only realizing that I was a creative individual. I know LAND is about finding young, new, and fresh talent, but I thought I’d dedicate another post to Racheal. Her illustrations were full of life, color, and feeling. It was so wonderful to discover her art and I wish others will continue finding joy from her creations. Although I never met Rachel in real life, I miss her so much already.

According to Pikaland, Racheal’s family started the Racheal Anilyse Art Initiative through the Rose Foundation of Haiti, and that the University of Hartford School of Art has established a scholarship in Racheal’s name. For more information about Racheal, check out Pikaland’s post.

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