Music by Futures Apart

Futures Apart are natives of Wexford, Ballina and Northamptonshire and are based in Dublin.
Futures apart make music the way they like to listen to it, to stir up hidden feelings and sentiments

Futures Apart played Hard Working Class Heroes 2011 receiving a fantastic response from both crowd and critics with a notable mention from Jim Carroll – Irish Times. To coincide with their Hard Working Class Heroes performance Futures Apart uploaded the first recorded track of their new set “Night Flight”

“Night Flight” a song about the power and the art of music was recorded and mixed by the band themselves .
The track got a great reception from bloggers such as Nialler9 and Pasta Primavera as well as being I-CON on Phantom105.2 ‘s track of the week November 9th, 2011

The second release is “Bury the Wolf” another track recorded and mixed by the band themselves in their studio. “Bury the Wolf”is out now

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