The mOOnbird

Sometimes you just fall in love with an artist instantly. It takes about 12 seconds for you to know, just know that you’re going to be diggin around the internet searching for this person/people and that you’re going to listen to their shit over and over for about week until you get sick of them and can’t listen to them again for three days.

So, at the time of writing this I am not yet sick of Jonatan Bengta. Nay, in fact I am just getting into my week-long obsession which started a few minutes ago thanks to the most excellent Dwight Pavlovic of Decoder magazine. Jonathan is actually mastering the album Dwight and his crew are putting out with Halasan Bazar.

But back to The mOOnbird – Jonatan Bengta. He says on his website;

Back in 2009 I got high on 2 things mainly; violent tropical birds and the percussion music of a blind viking also known as Moondog. I then quit my band and decided to make pop-songs using only my voice, drums and birds.
I went to Japan, Sjællands Odde and Africa. Stacked the audio needed. Put it on vinyl and named it Tropical Distractions.
I´m currently playing shows and preparing a full length (2013).

A succinct summation.

Here he is on TED.

I’d definitely give his website a once over too.

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