Synchrodogs is Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven from the Ukraine. They are two emerging photographers who have been experimenting with high quality cameras since their perhaps not-so-innocent youth. I’ve been following them since I discovered Tania on Flickr in March 2011 (we featured one of their shots previously here) and have been obsessively following their rise on Facebook since. They’ve been commissioned to work for Dazed, Urban Outfitters, Harper’s Bazaar and a few other hot brands in the past few months. In fact, they were just featured in the British Journal of Photography today and that’s what prompted this feature.

What I like most about these two is the obvious implicit trust and exhibitionism that they have going on. Most often it’s Tania in the shots, hiding nude in a stack of hay or coming at your face aggressively (also nude), but Roman jumps in frequently to show that he’s not a wimp. The other thing I admire is the unflagging control over the work they produce. In the above mentioned article they make a distinction between working with designers (and a set-brief of executable work) and with magazines who wish them to fulfil a more creative role;

“Working with designers means the style is more or less determined by someone else. This gives you less freedom, but on the other hand shows you the direction needed, working with magazines is completely different for us – this is where we can shoot anything that comes to mind. Mostly we just drive our motorbike far away from the city, looking for locations, shooting, just having fun. Later there are always magazines asking for those pictures to be printed.”

To see more of their work with designers (the shots are amazing) see Tania’s Flickr stream here.

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