The Nobis

Electronica, shoegaze, dream pop duo band from Tokyo is comprised of super sweet Emi and Masakazu.

Quite like Little Dragon, my wife discovered these guys on the streets on Norwich, UK today busking, and she couldn’t figure out why such accomplished musicians we’re on street so she took a video and made me watch it. I’m totally glad she did because I now feel like she found a diamond among the rabble.

Ethereal and trippy, Emi and Masakazu take you on a nostalgic journey. Emi combinds her soft, child-like vocals with layers of new wave synth with Masakau’s layered electric guitar. The combo is perfect, and makes you want to put these two in your pocket – pulled out when feeling morose.

They are currently on a long tour from NY, DC, Baltimore, Tornoto, Montreal and now in their sixth city, London (and apparently Norwich).