Die Antwoord – “Fatty Boom Boom”

Die Antwoord or ‘The Answer’ is the shit. Why? Because they are everything they appear to be (and not to be) and use their talents to comment on society from a platform they created as a response to the understanding that it would be the most effective. Do I mean they are actors? Yes. Are they acting a role but living it as well. Again, yes. When asked if he was playing a character, Ninja said,

Ninja is, how can I say, like Superman is to Clark Kent. The only difference is, I don’t take off this fokken Superman suit.

They have described their work as “documentary fiction” and “exaggerated experience” designed for shock value. Ninja told Spin,

People are unconscious and you have to use your art as a shock machine to wake them up. Some people are too far gone. They’ll just keep asking, “Is it real? Is it real?” That’s dwanky. That’s a word we have in South Africa, “dwanky.” It’s like lame. “Is it real?” Dwanky. You have to be futuristic and carry on. You gotta be a good guide to help people get away from dull experience.

Taken to extremes, Die Antwoord is shocking yes. Seen in context of everyday life, they are unmissable.