Patrick Boivin – The Best Smallest Mojito in the World

The progress of work has been a little slow of late, largely thanks to a crate of rum sent through by Havana Club. Who says bribery doesn’t get you anywhere? Who says we’re filthy sellouts? Wait, you do?! Speak up, we’re too drunk to hear straight.

The rum company have teamed up with¬†Patrick Boivin, a French-Canadian stop-motion film director to portray the process of creating the best smallest Mojito in the world. Boivin’s work is something else, we’re pretty sure a lot of you will remember his video “AT-AT Day Afternoon” (if you haven’t watched it, make sure you do). As well as this one, Patrick also created an adventure featuring Havana Man, featuring a superhero, a pirate, a car/boat chase and , thankfully, some more rum.

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